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About John Choo

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After I received my B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine(zot zot) in 2009, I moved out to Los Angeles where I started developing commerce driven websites for the fast-paced health & fitness industry.

Today, I spend most of my time as a freelancer consulting with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups to design money-saving web development strategies for their projects or contributing code to existing projects.

With my free time, I produce illustrations, guides, tutorials, websites, and other resources to help teach commerce driven web development to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and start-ups so that they can design, build, and maintain their own websites instead of relying on web developers like myself, which can be costly and hard to budget.


Thanks for checking out my projects!


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A Mobile first and 100% responsive website for Private Practice owners in Los Angeles and Orange County. All production of the website is handled by myself. I also contribute to the blog and will be looking for more content writers, organizers, and web specialists to help contributre content and wisdom to our group. The ultimate goal for is to provide local mastermind groups for physical therapists, pyscho therapists, and attorneys of Los Angeles and Orange County who can help demystify the website experience for them.


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A personal project with the ultimate goal of making web development easier to understand by incorporating illustrations, metaphors, and easy to read language for non-technical entrepreneurs, small business owners, and just anyone that is looking to learn how to build a website with the goal of selling products and services. Because there are so many types of websites and technologies available, I feel it's a service to share my experience to help business minded individuals to build websites without a lot of the B.S. that usually comes with website tutorials.

Webcopy & SEO

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Another Mobile first and 100% responsive. This website focuses more on SEO copywriting for entrepreneurs and small business owners that have products and services that they want to sell online. I also am the lead webmaster and developer for this website. I am the main contributor to the blog and will also be looking to produce online hangouts and guides for entrepreneurs and business owners in the near future.

Sean's Jewelers

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Mobile first & 100% responsive. One of the first local businesses that I had the pleasure of working with in Los Angeles, CA. I designed and developed the website along with providing on going support, as well as ecommerce education to the owners of Sean's Jewelers that allowed them to add over one thousand items to the store and helped to increase their revenue during the holiday season.

OC Balanced Training

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Mobile first and 100% responsive. Built with Zurb's Foundation and WordPress, this website is easy to update as well as futureproof. This website also features a blog, forms, videos, and much more content to make clients feel that they can get the information that the want and need without having to go through the hassle of contacting their personal trainer at odd hours of the day.


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Another personal project with a goal of teaching web development, but this website is more focused on individuals who want to learn full stack web development, which is more for individuals looking to build web apps and complex web software like Facebook.

Locus Web Marketing

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Setup WordPress on Linux w/ Nginx and Apache on the Front. Designed the Responsive, Mobile Ready, SEO friendly layout. I worked to transfer the design from PSD to HTML using WordPress and a custom designed theme. Tested and made sure tha this website was cross-browser compatible also.


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A 100% mobile first and responsive website about a WordPress focused workshop designed to teach small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to build a website for their business in under 4 hours that will save them time and money, not to mention making them independent from their web developers.


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Mobile first and 100% responsive. Los Angeles based gourmet food blog. I designed and developed this blog with WordPress and Zurb Foundation. The blog allows users to upload a featured image that will be prominent along the top of the front page in full width. Website is hosted, designed, and developed by myself.

Go Girl Body Transformations

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WordPress, Responsive, Mobile Ready, SEO. I worked to transfer the design from PSD to HTML using WordPress and a custom designed theme. Tested and made sure tha this website was cross-browser compatible also.

Jonathan Lerner Fitness

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Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp is a part of the fitness boot camp franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp whose global goal is to expose and engage 20% of the world’s population in a more active and healthy lifestyle by the year 2020.

Tulsa Fitness Systems

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Tulsa Fitness Systems is owned and operated by Clint Howard. Our mission is to improve overall health & fitness, enhance quality of life, and empower people to be the best they can be.

Jango Health & Fitness (UK)

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100% Mobile First, 100% Responsive. From being a foreigner, to selling kebabs, Jango finally finds a home by joining the fitness industry and becoming a Bournemouth Personal Trainer.

Chanhassen Boot Camp

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Our new facility in Chanhassen, MN is the home base for all of the programs for Chanhassen’s #1 weight loss and fitness boot camp.

Bloomington Personal Training

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Highly motivated coaches, with experience as Division I athletes.

Plunkett Fitness

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Established in 2009, Plunkett Fitness opened the doors of our own 3,000 square foot facility in January 2012.


Full Stack Web Development

Server, Network, and Hosting Environment.

This involves understanding what can break and why, taking no resource for granted. Appropriate use of the file system, cloud storage, network resources, and an understanding of data redundancy and availability is necessary.

Data Modeling

If the data model is flawed, the business logic and higher layers start to need strange (ugly) code to compensate for corner cases the data model doesn’t cover. I know how to create a reasonably normalized relational model, complete with foreign keys, indexes, views, lookup tables, etc. I am also familiar with the concept of non-relational data stores and understand where they shine over relational data stores

Business Logic

The heart of the value the application provides.Solid object oriented skills are needed here.Frameworks might be needed here as well.

API layer / Action Layer / MVC

How the outside world operates against the business logic and data model. Frameworks at this level should be used heavily. Full stack developers have the ability to write clear, consistent, simple to use interfaces.

User Interface

I create usable interfaces starting from pen and paper using a mobile first process, then to building out the user interface with HTML, CSS, & Javascript.

User Experience

Full stack developers appreciate that users just want things to work. A good system doesn’t give its users carpal tunnel syndrome or sore eyes. A full stack developer can step back and look at a process that needs 8 clicks and 3 steps, and get it down to one click. Full stack developers write useful error messages. If something breaks, be apologetic about it. Sometimes programmers inadvertently write error messages that can make people feel stupid.

Understanding what the customer and the business need.

Now we are blurring into the line of architect, but that is too much of a hands off role. Full stack developers have a grasp of what is going on in the field when the customer uses the software. They also have a grasp of the business.


I still produce a lot of content using HTML these days and still LOVE it. Because HTML is built into the DNA of the Internet, it's a skill that I feel will be useful for at lesat the next 20 years, especially with all of the new improvements with HTML5 to video, audio, animation, and more. Wysiwygs still do a bad job at creating HTML, so it's in my humblest opinion that learning HTML can only help you as an entrepreneur on the Internet.


CSS is a great language to help add visual flare to your websites without adding too much bulk and loading times. With CSS3, it's even easire to add animations to your websites without adding loading times. So, whenever I can, I always go CSS versus images or javascript.


PHP is the glue of the Internet. That was the first thing I ever remember learning about PHP about 10 years ago when the Internet was still young. I picked up PHP because I felt that it was the closest language to C++ and Java, which I started with before I started web development. I think it's a good language and I've been programming with PHP for over 10 years now. My favorite PHP frameworks are CodeIgniter and KohanaPHP.

Javascript & AJAX

Javascript is a great way to make web applications work like desktop applications, especially when using AJAX to make calls to your server without having to refresh your webpage. My favorite javascript apps are gmail and facebook. I find myself using Javascript more and more all the time. Because JavaScript code can run locally in a user's browser (rather than on a remote server), the browser can respond to user actions quickly, making an application more responsive. The great thing is that javascript code can detect user actions which HTML alone cannot, such as individual keystrokes.

Content Management Systems

I've been using WordPress for over 10 years now since 2004 and am quite comfortable with making any types of updates to a WordPress system including WordPress Theme & Plugin development. I have also worked extensively with PHP-based CMS such as Magento, Joomla, Ghost, and Drupal.

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